New Music : Sobcek – Sunset City feat. Moona

(New Song Realese : Sunset City by Sobcek)
Artis : Sobcek
Title : Sunset City
Genre : Pop
Date : Nov, 16 2015
Sunset City by Sobcek

Quotable Lyrics for Sobcek - Sunset City
The boys they dance out open skies
It's all they got to feel alive
Hollywood trash, the sex in the air
But shiny life, the day turns to night
I've got the world at my feet
The sun it's running down
I'm feeling cold right now
Would you like to follow me?

See that boy on the other side
He looks at me, and with a smile
Something new just can't define
Just take me there, to Sunset City
See that boy on the other side

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