New Music : BAGO – Louder Than Me

(New Song Realese : Louder Than Me by BAGO)
Artis : BAGO
Title : Louder Than Me
Genre : Pop
Date : Nov, 16 2015
Louder Than Me by BAGO

Quotable Lyrics for BAGO - Louder Than Me
This is louder than me,
From the top of my lungs, I scream
At the bottom of my heart, dear honey
From the bottom of the
You say you're something to me
It's been a mess from the very first meet
Don't know why we make things harder than it need to be

I can do better, never said that I did nothing wrong
But I know our times are dead and gone
I can do better, I never said that there was one way but this
Really is no other way to spend our days

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