New Music : Sean Brown – The Gospel

(New Song Realese : The Gospel by Sean Brown)
Artis : Sean Brown
Title : The Gospel
Genre : Hip Hop
Date : Nov, 17 2015
The Gospel by Sean Brown

Quotable Lyrics for Sean Brown - The Gospel

They say the game is oversaturated, why you do it
Been in my crib for 5 years without a 9 to 5
Might as well keep the dream alive and I ain't gonna lie
Some bills probably ain't gettin' paid on time
That's my business, what's it matter what I do to you?
Ask 'em that question, and these n*ggas ain't got a clue
Or I'm lettin' animals out, The Gospel n*gga
Too many blocks got a nigga trippin
Too many cops got a nigga missin
I got the rock, got the bitch twitchin
I be your neighborhood drug dealer

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