New Music : Vybz Kartel – Everyday Is Christmas

(New Song Realese : Everyday Is Christmas by Vybz Kartel)
Artis : Vybz Kartel
Title : Everyday Is Christmas
Genre : HIP HOP
Date : Nov, 19 2015
Everyday Is Christmas Lyrics - Vybz Kartel

Quotable Lyrics for Vybz Kartel - Everyday Is Christmas

my honey bunch my honey bunch mi love when yuh cum inna mi belly
and don't panic don't run from it cocky mek yuh feel like yuh wah vomit
everyday inna mi house cock me out fuck me out
nah guh fuck pon no bed cock up yuh foot hol dung yuh head
mi seh cocky stiff suh lawd mek it stiff suh a mi fi tell yuh it sweet like a kisko
yuh pussy pretty an fat an it thick suh tight like a grip suh mi cocky get blister
mi neva get a man weh mi wah keep suh
yuh nuh mean it gwaan yuh a mixup
cum put a hickie pon mi neck mek it big suh
cum mek mi put it on baby

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