New Music : SoMo & Kirko Bangz – Don’t (Remix)

(New Song Realese : Don't (Remix) by SoMo & Kirko Bangz)
Artis : SoMo & Kirko Bangz
Title : Don't (Remix)
Genre : Rap
Date : Nov, 16 2015
Don't (Remix) by SoMo & Kirko Bangz

Quotable Lyrics for SoMo & Kirko Bangz - Don't (Remix)
So she gon' turn up and do it for the guys
She sippin' on Henny, she mix it wit' Remy
She suckin' on me while I pull on her Remy
She shy like the city but change for them Benji's
The mula, the Fendis, I turn up for what?

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