New Music : Runway Richy – On My Life

(New Song Realese : On My Life by Runway Richy)
Artis : Runway Richy
Title : On My Life
Genre : Rap
Date : Nov, 18 2015
On My Life by Runway Richy

Quotable Lyrics for Runway Richy - On My Life

If a nigga got a problem put it on my life
I'm taking it to your front door
I stay down, talking way down,
Talking 32 degrees below
Ain't never switched up on my day ones
Ain't no way I could leave them, no
Gucci got checks I might Czecholovakia
Landed in the world and On My Life that I'm popular
Grab you and rob you and take off your Nautica
And if you don't talk then I'm beating the shit out of ya
If only time would know

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