New Music : Kristinia DeBarge – Church

(New Song Realese : Church by Kristinia DeBarge)
Artis : Kristinia DeBarge
Title : Church
Genre : Pop
Date : Nov, 17 2015
Church by Kristinia DeBarge

Quotable Lyrics for Kristinia DeBarge - Church
All of this pressure,
Feels like the first day at school
And I'm just a freshman, church
I see the earth behind me, church
I'm nearly there, though I'm scared
No one said it would be easy
Don't want it if it seize it
Look how you're high at me,
Look how you tryina get by on me
You should be tryina get high of me
Lie on me, nigga please, sway it like you're just a fly on me
Boy I'm a business like IMC
What's up with you and my privacy?!
I don't understand it!

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