New Music : Kazzie – Rich Today (Remix) Feat. Fetty Wap, Snootie Wild & Montana Of 300

(New Song Realese : Rich Today (Remix) by Kazzie)
Artis : Kazzie
Title : Rich Today (Remix)
Genre : Hip Hop
Date : Nov, 17 2015
Rich Today (Remix) by Kazzie

Quotable Lyrics for Kazzie - Rich Today (Remix)

I keep my circle tight
'Cause I don't know who to trust no more
He looks at me, and with a smile
Something new just can't define
Just take me there, to Rich Today (Remix)
See that boy on the other side
I ain't finna stop til the clip finish
I'm on the block treat it like a kitchen
Too many blocks got a nigga trippin
Too many cops got a nigga missin
I got the rock, got the bitch twitchin
I be your neighborhood drug dealer

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