New Music : Fifi Rong – Since When

(New Song Realese : Since When by Fifi Rong)
Artis : Fifi Rong
Title : Since When
Genre : Pop
Date : Nov, 17 2015
Since When by Fifi Rong

Quotable Lyrics for Fifi Rong - Since When

I remember used to wake up, kiss me and smile
Like it was a blessing, it happened to be in your life
One day all the pure I saw, the calmless in your eyes
You said nothing's changed, without haven't looked at me twice

Night after night, you make me believe your arms were holding
You said you were right here, you are going nowhere

Violently silently I thought you should do no harm
Suddenly mad for me you've changed your plan,
Boy, tell me since when?

You may say your beauty's been a drug to my mind
A slight has changed, your face could set me on fire
After all I still want the things I cannot have
So, I fell in same trap I had always realized

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