New Music : Chief Keef Ft. Lil Durk – Mounted Up (Remix)

(New Song Realese : Mounted Up (Remix) by Chief Keef)
Artis : Chief Keef
Title : Mounted Up (Remix)
Genre : Hip Hop
Date : Nov, 16 2015
Mounted Up (Remix) by Chief Keef

Quotable Lyrics for Chief Keef - Mounted Up (Remix)

The trap got niggas on top of the roof they assassins
My plug from Saudi Arabia, call him Aladdin
We pulling 'em triggers and 'Rarris and pull up in Aston
(skr, skr, Aston Martin)
The feds they mad, they know what we doin', can't catch us
I stand on the stove, I beat the pot up like I'm Cassius
They call me Chris Angel, work disappear like it is magic
Look at the scale make sure the grams is accurate

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