New Music : Austin Mahone Ft. T-Pain – Dirty Work (Remix)

(New Song Realese : Dirty Work (Remix) by Austin Mahone)
Artis : Austin Mahone
Title : Dirty Work (Remix)
Genre : pop
Date : Nov, 18 2015
Dirty Work (Remix) by Austin Mahone

Quotable Lyrics for Austin Mahone - Dirty Work (Remix)

Just ain't the same no more
We used to call each other baby
We used to texting call each other on the daily
I can't believe I used to think we were so mix
The way you went around would do like it was OK
But that was in the past now I'm livin' in the future
Your new man is Haha my new girl is Cuter
I'm wayy past the BS I went through went recessing
Now I got my ex singing

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